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EFA + Skin Function

EFA + Skin Function

My clients hear me say this a lot but Essential Fatty Acid’s (EFA) are so important for our skin and body health and now that most of us have time to sit and read, I’m going to discuss why!


Studies say that we have on average 37.2 trillion cells through out our entire body which is so crazy. Now thinking that each of those cells membrane are made up of EFA’s and our body doesn’t naturally make any EFA it make’s sense that we need to ensure our diet contain these important ingredients. This could be Avocado, coconut oil’s, Almonds, fish ect.

For our body to be able to allow each of these cells to function correctly we would need to eat a lot of these, which is why I always suggest a balanced diet along with an EFA supplement so we are giving our cells the right nutrient to support healthy cell function.


Our cell membrane’s function is to protect the nucleus inside that cell (our cell DNA) so it can feed all of these goodies in and say NO to any bad guys trying to come in. This results in nice healthy plump cells which equals healthy glowing plump skin!

There is a lot of science and study behind other factors including sun damage, incorrect products and product use that come into play when talking about the skin. It is huge! Something we can start with today is ensuring our diet and supplements are helping our skin not hindering it.


xx Amie

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