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Micro Rolling + Benefits

Benefits Of
Micro Rolling 


So let’s talk about not getting your regular facials during closure. It SUCKS! For me as well because I don’t get to be hands on and you because your regular skin maintenance is lacking.


However, along with regular skin home care you can help to maintain at home. What I’m talking about is our micro needling rollers! They are .25mm micro needles so they are gentle while creating small wounds in our epidermis (top layer of skin) meaning there is no pain or blood associated. The micro wounds created in our epidermis will then stimulate our fibroblasts and collagen production to speed up our skin turn over and help to heal our skins cells.

Micro Rollers help to improve skin texture, minimise scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of dark spots.


Great for any skin type except sensitive skins and can be used 5 times per week as part of your evening routine.

If you’re wondering what products to use with your roller, our rollers already come with a 10ml Apple Stem Cell Serum to help with cell regeneration while intensely hydrating the skins layers but you could also use our B3 serum or both.

Normally I would pair at home rolling with Enzyme Peels, LED Light Therapy, IPL or Microdermabrasion but until I get to see you all, this is the next best thing. I promise you won’t be disappointed!





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