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Routine + Self Isolation

With our daily lives constantly changing at the moment and a lot more people finding themselves self isolating in their homes now might be the perfect time to implement a new routine into your morning “normality”.

Now more than ever before it is so important for self care for a happier, healthier being.

My morning routine in the kitchen has become a tad more grounded. Coffee is essential (of course!) which is the perfect carrier to add in my Miracle Collagen powder which mixes really well with zero taste, perfect!

I also mix up Beauty Renewal into water and make sure I have this before my coffee along with my EFA supplements.



I don’t know about anyone else currently self isolating but routine is such an important step to staying on top of everything. I have found it comforting being able to set this routine knowing I am starting my day right.

Which is why we have created our online store so everyone can keep their routine going

Trying to set a routine for the rest of my day is a different story though, anyone else or just me?


Establishing a new way of business has been difficult and not being able to see everyone’s smiling faces daily is hard!

I love being able to have a very hands on approach as I am a very creative person and I need an outlet.

Hopefully we can all come together with my new blog posts each week with new insight on Beauty, Routine, Health and our Wellbeing.


xx Amie

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